NGX PT Partnerships

Help your clients achieve better fitness, health and performance gains with personalised nutrition to suit their needs


Whether your client is looking to build muscle, lose body fat or improve athletic performance, the right nutrition is key to success. However unless you are a nutritionist, identifying the right nutrition isn't easy.

With our range of simple, convenient and personalised nutrition products, you can help your clients improve their nutrition and achieve better results. Plus you can earn up to 20% commission along the way.

NGX products to help your clients

DNA Test & Personal Nutrition Report for PT clients

DNA Nutrition Test & Report

Identifies your client's unique nutrition needs and daily targets for protein, fats, carbs, vitamins and minerals. Uses insights from their genetics, BMR and goals.

NGX BodyFuel for PT clients

NGX BodyFuel

A high protein, daily meal-shake made from natural food sources. Contains all 30 essential daily nutrients, personalised to your client's needs.

NGX PowerPack for PT clients

NGX PowerPack

A blend of protein, carbs, creatine, caffeine and l-arginine - a perfect post-workout recovery and performance shake.

Benefits for your clients

✓ Improved daily nutrition

✓ Superior training results

✓ Better overall health

✓ Happier with final outcomes

✓ NGX satisfaction guarantee

NGX Personal Trainer

Benefits for you

NGX Personal Trainer and Client

✓ Differentiate your offering

✓ Earn additional income

✓ Happier clients

✓ Zero risk

✓ Support from NGX

Earn 20% commission now

Join our partnership program today to start earning commission and improving your clients' goals. It's free to sign up and your portal contains everything you need to get going.

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Personal Trainer Testimonial

Joe Hymas - David Lloyd Clubs

"I've been working with NGX for over 2 years and have found using both the DNA Kits and personalised nutrition a crucial part of my client onboarding process. On top of this, commercially, I've also increased my customer value by £300 per customer through NGX's commission structure. In my first month, I generated an extra £2,000 extra revenue whilst adding value to my clients fitness and nutrition regime."


Hear what our clients have to say

“Increased energy levels”

“Increased energy levels”

“I chose (the NGX Challenge) to help with my running performance. Aftercompleting the programme, my energylevels are definitely up! My blood testrevealed that my B9 levels have alsotripled-I’m feeling really great.”

Luke, 40 years old, marathon runner

“Insightful and surprising report”

“Insightful and surprising report”

“Insightful and surprising report ongenetic pre-dispositions to certaincategories of foods and nutrients. Veryhelpful though to provide pointers in theright direction, and help with goodnutritional habits. Becca was amazingand super helpful / knowledgeable. Amrecommending this to my friends.


“Great for adding muscle”

“Great for adding muscle”

“I found the DNA test results to be veryinteresting, it's great having an insightinto the way your body processesnutrients and vitamins.Whether you want to add muscle, loseweight, or both, I would highlyrecommend making NGX a part of yourhealth and fitness journey.

Richard Cox

“Hitting PBs & less muscle soreness”

“Hitting PBs & less muscle soreness”

“I chose (the NGX challenge) to havethe energy to run after my kids. This hasbeen a lifesaver for me. I’m definitelystronger in my workouts and happy tohave something nutritious for my bodythat helps me absorb nutrients better.I’m really pleased that my Vitamin Dlevels have increased and my recoveryis better.

Jess, NGX Challenge, mum of two

“Excellent DNA report”

“Excellent DNA report”

“The DNA Report is very detailed andcontained some surprises, but thingsthat made perfect sense and go a longway to explaining my weight gain andfatigue. Becca really went the extra mileto explain key points.”

Wendy E.

“The BEST nutritional supplement Ihave ever come across”

“The BEST nutritional supplement Ihave ever come across”

I love the DNA test process, constantupdates on the status of the analysis ofthe test, and the consultation with anutritionist is absolutely brilliant and soinformative. I'd highly recommend NGX,they seem to be a step above everyother brand out there.”