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Jan's Vitae

Date Compiled: January 2010                                     JAN BARTON HAMILTON

Last University Address:

1-15-97 (Adjunct Fellow) Mentor: Gerald Gaull, M.D. (deceased),

succeeded by Les Crawford, Ph.D, DVM, (current Chief of the Food and

Drug Administration) Georgetown University, The Ceres Forum®, Center

for Food & Nutrition Policy, 3240 Prospect St. N.W., Washington, D.C. 2007

Current Interests:

The development of awareness of consumers of new wellness testing available

for assessing appropriate vitamin and mineral levels in the blood, urine and

feces. These tests were developed at the National Institutes of Health in the late

50’s for the astronauts and provide the basis for newly available wellness. These

are not diagnostic tests and would not typically be ordered by your M.D. in your

yearly check up. They provide new markers to let you know about future

conditions that could be reversed if detected and addressed before a disease

diagnosis by your physician.


Texas Tech University, B.S., 1963, Home Economics Ed. and M.S., Food and

Nutrition, May 1992 Registered Dietitian # 596625: L.D. # DT04650,

  • Title of Thesis:

“Satiety of Protein Sources” Advisors; Donald Oberleas and Margarette

Harden. Texas Tech University, Master’s Degree,

  • Title of Ph.D. Dissertation:

"Effects of Exogenous Female Sex Hormones on Food Intake,

Macronutrients and Body Weight”

  • Advisors:

Maren Hegsted and Michael Keenan, Louisiana State University,

Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Ph.D., Human Nutrition,

December 1995,

  • Major Areas of Interest:

Preventive Nutrition and Weight Management, Cancer Prevention

and Aftercare, Nutritional Hormone Replacement Therapy, Type II

Diabetes and Obesity Dietary Counseling and Medical Nutrition

Therapy Monitoring Effects of Supplements

  •  Primary Practice and Research Interests:

Early assessment of current status of preventive therapeut

nutritional approaches to risk factors surrounding obesity, breast

cancer, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus,

hypertension, stroke, and other conditions as requested by the

physician or by self referral.


These consultations are now coded for insurance reimbursement

(97802, 97803, 97804 and more) by HCFA and are included in the

CPT 2001 Book with descriptions, copyright 2000 American Medical

Association. All Rights Reserved.

Professional Accomplishments

  • President and CEO of Nutritional Biomedicine, a preventive nutrition

    business and Research Institute

  •  Hospital Dietitian 17 years, Plainview and Lubbock, Texas

  • Served in the Office of the Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop

  •  Intl. Society for Clinical Densitometry: Paul Miller, M.D. President

  • Intl. Scientific Advisory Board American Medical Women’s Association:

  •  Nominee for White House Appointment for Women’s Health 1997

  • American Dietetic Association, Registered and licensed in Texas

  • American Preventive Medical Association Board Member 4 terms

  • Texas Diabetes Council, Vice Chairperson

  • Texas Advisory Committee for Osteoporosis appointed by George Bush,


  • American College of Nutrition: National Award for Research 1996

    St. Mary’s Hospital and Joe Arrington Cancer Center, Consultant

    Dietitian, Lubbock, Texas

  • Conducted Research in England, Australia, Hungary, France in Eating Behavior

  • Private Practice, Beaver Creek and Aspen, Colorado 1996-present

  •  “Aftercare of Breast Cancer Survivors” globally with spiritual emphasis"

Work Experience:

Sept. 2004 to present

President and CEO of Nutritional Biomedicine, a private consulting

practice for testing and assessments to determine risk factors to prevent

nutrition related conditions. The goal is to build the immune response

and provide individuals with therapeutic nutritional advice upon which the

person can make more informed health and nutrition related decisions.

Pilot studies and clinical trials are also being conducted


Consultant on Women’s Health and Metabolic Disorders. Developed

document for physician’s offices in America at the Office of Dr. C. Everett

Koop and Shape Up America! project.

1996 - 1997:

Washington, D.C. Adjunct Fellow, Post Doctoral Fellowship, Center for

Food and Nutrition Policy and the Ceres Forum® Georgetown University,


1996 – present:


Washington, D.C. (1996) Coordinator of International Conference on

Hormones in Beef and BSE. Original project is ongoing with continuing

research in hormones in the food, air and water supply as it relates to

body weight and cancer risks.


St. Mary’s Hospital and Joe Arrington Cancer Research and Treatment

Center (with partner Debbie Wright, M.D., and advisors Michael Ward,

M.D., Hematologist and Lillian Chou, M.D. Oncologist - Development of

Breast Cancer Project) Lubbock, Texas Merger of Catholic and Methodist

hospitals, now Covenant Hospital ceased this project.

1992 -1995:

Research Assistant (and elder helper) Louisiana Sate University, and

Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I lived

with a 95-year-old woman three years,

1988 – 1992:

Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant Texas Tech University,

Lubbock, Texas

1990 – 1991:

Consultant Nutritionist and Marketing Associate Cal-Pacific Corporation

1988 – 1990:

Consultant Nutritionist and Seminar Speaker U.S. Meat Export

Federation, opened Asian market for American Beef

1985 – 1988

Medical Center Outpatient Clinic, Jeff Davis, M.D. Plainview, Texas

1975 – 1985:

Clinical Dietitian and Department Director Nichols Hospital, a small

private hospital in Plainview, Texas, Angus Ott, Administrator

1969 – 1983:

Consultant Therapeutic Dietitian, Division Director Plainview Hospital,

Central Plains Regional Hospital, now Covenant Hospital, Plainview,


1963 -1966:

Public School Teacher, Home Economics, Waco Public Schools, North

Jr. High, Waco, Texas

Spring 1966:

Hale Center Elementary, Reading Specialist, after the tornado

Fall, 1966 - Spring, 1969:

Home Economics Teacher, Plainview High School, Plainview, Texas

1960 – 1963:

Clerical Worker, Switch Board Operator, Wing Advisor in Weeks

Dormitory, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas


Soda Jerk (made malts, milkshakes, banana splits, sandwiches, coffee,

clean-up) Sold bus tickets, Stanley Pharmacy, Matador, Texas

1945 – 1960:

Farm Laborer, Ranch Hand and Kitchen Help (pulled cotton, bailed hay,

fed cows, chickens, pigs, dogs, cats and whatever dad and mom needed

me to do) The Barton Community, 10 miles from Flomot, Texas, 20 miles

from Matador, Texas






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