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If your doctor has referred you to our clinic, please follow the instructions below:


Dear Patient,


Your doctor has referred you to me to work with the nutritional side of your care. I look forward to a personal consultation with you. This will allow me to assess your life style choices, hereditary patterns and your current health with regard to nutritional status.


To make your visit to our offices more pleasant and to expedite your insurance reimbursements the following will be helpful:


  1. Bring the letter of referral from your doctor and your current medical records which show his or her medical diagnosis and requests.

  2. Prior to your appointment, bring or send to the above address, the front and back of your insurance card. There are now new codes for preventive nutrition which have never been covered by insurance before. We are involved in a pilot study to report savings in healthcare dollars with new preventive approaches. This will save time if we start early.

  3. If you are a Medicare patient, you need to sign a waiver to show that you agree to pay the charges that Medicare does not cover.

  4. We ask you to pay up-front on the day you have your consultation, and then we reimburse you with the insurance money when it comes in.

We help you file but we need you to help us get the right paper work. We are now getting reimbursement for “Secondary Prevention.” This means that you have been diagnosed by your physician, perhaps had surgery or have been treated and things appear to be under control.


My work helps you to build your body's ability to resist the reoccurrence of this condition at a later date or in another part of the body.


We have a friendly staff and we try to meet your needs in a busy medical world. I am willing to make house calls if needed.


Please call our offices and let us know how we can be of service to you and your family.


Yours in optimal health,


Jan Hamilton, Ph.D., Registered Dietitian







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