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Yeast Infections



We once thought this only appeared in the vagina.  Now we know that Candida tissue has been harvested in autopsies in brain, heart, and intestinal tissue.  It is believed that antibiotic intake can initiate this condition.  When we take antibiotics we not only kill out the bad bacteria but also the good bacteria that we need to keep us in balance.  Once we thought if we took acidophilus, it would put us back in balance.  Now we know there is more to the picture.  Toenail fungus may be a loud message that there is a "fungus among us."  And sometimes we crave sweets leading to weight gain to feed the yeast monster.  If you wonder about this concept and have ever made yeast bread from scratch, you recall that we put the yeast in a bowl with warm water and then add what to make it grow and cause the bread to rise----sugar!!!!  Even things like potatoes, crackers, pasta, and carbs can convert into sugar and feed the yeast.  So we look at the degree of the infection, the diet and potential dietary supplements to balance the appetite, body weight, and get you back into a normal healthy zone.  If left unchecked it can lead to other undesirable conditions.







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