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Women's Health Issues



This is a very under researched area of healthcare.  It was as late as 1995 that all released research had used males as research subjects because our hormones would skew the data and they couldn't find a homogenous population of women to study.  That means they could not find two women alike!!!  We knew that, right?  Seriously, to find a group of women who were eating the same, exercising the same, on the same menstrual cycle, same hormonal levels, deemed us "non researchable."  And yet, a wonderful grant from all the top Centers, Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, the National Institutes of Health, the American Heart Assn. and the Center for Disease Control studied the impact of hormones on heart disease.  It was called the PEPI study and they used postmenopausal women who were no longer so erratic with their hormonal cycles.  The report was amazing and broke ground for the now numerous, women's health studies.  If I could give you one book to read, it would be Chris Northrup, M.D.'s book, "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom."  I like her logical sense of humor and the fact that she grew up milking cows and growing her own vegetables like me.  Last I heard her mom was hiking the Appalachian Trail with plans of greater treks.  You will see Chris on PBS features and doing all kinds of public service in her personal quest to bring truth to the women's health scene.  Her newsletter address is:








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