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Weight Loss



If I had the answer to this one, I could retire and never work another day.  We don't know and we don't have clear-cut answers.  In all my years of practice, my clients have come to me with stories of every approach imaginable.  Recently a beautiful young woman in Aspen came to me who had tried everything.  We decided to try the biblical approach to fasting.  And since my experience with her, which proved quite effective, I have used this method of weight loss with both men and women very effectively.  My friend, Rex Russell, M.D. wrote a book on eating according to biblical principles.  At age 13, he was told that due to his diabetes, he would likely not live past the age of 33.  He is now 63 and lectures all over the country on the principles described in his books.  I admire and respect him deeply.  Fasting and praying are an inexpensive and effective way to lose weight.  The old story of diet pills and the yo-yo dieting patterns that lead to a lifetime of metabolic disorders is not healthy and can have negative impact on all the body organs.  Be friendly to your body and it will be your friend.







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