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Ringing in the ears can drive you up the wall.  So what causes this?  One of the reasons can be food allergies, not a cure all, but worth a try.  The food allergy panel measures 95 foods and then a program is developed to eliminate the reactive foods and substitute and rotate other foods for a healthy diet plan.  The test Dr. Wright recommends is a one-time blood draw that eliminates the old agony of sitting all-day and getting stuck with needles.  It is also much more user friendly for children.  I will never forget the weeks of testing three little boys with squirmy tendencies with the old method.  One day, the youngest ran out of the clinic and I didn't catch him before we got back to the house.  Our family doctor prescribed another method.  These are pesky conditions all families face and finding a livable way to deal with them is my goal for you and your family.  I like working along with your family physician.








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