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Recurrent Infections



Assess levels and build the immune system.  I may sound like a broken record, but your best defense is your own immune system.  I have worked with children who were on as many as 10 different antibiotics during the first year of life.  Antibiotic resistance is real.  When we use them too often, our bodies can become resistant so they are no longer effective.  But no one wants to hear a baby cry.  I agree.  So how do we deal with recurrent ear infections in little ones?  Now you will know for sure that I am a farm girl.  Breast-feed your baby.  Stay home from work when your baby gets ill; don't take your child back to day care too soon.  And if you really want to know how old fashioned I am, I would say "Stay home, quit work, do without the things you would buy, raise a garden, get back to nature and a simple life, take naps, make your meals from scratch, go to farmer's markets if you can't grow your own garden, don't buy processed foods or fast foods.  Eat organic, go back to the basics, love your family, caress each other, and hug often, love deeply."





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