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Prostate Cancer



Men are told that if they live long enough, they will get prostate cancer.  Well, from what I hear the wives of prostate surgery patients, there is a definite quality of life issue that we are not always aware of, until after the surgery.  I will let you guess what that is. 


As we look at the reports from early assessments of oxidative stress, vitamin and mineral levels in the blood, preventive markers, it would make sense to develop a preventive program of good nutrition to keep the immune system strong for a lifetime.  If you are already doing all you know to do, then maybe your tests will show your success, and maybe not. 


We do not have all the data on environmental impact.  All reproductive cancers are on the rise.  I have always wondered if we spray the corn to sterilize the corn worm so he won't be able to produce other baby corn worms, what that chemical is doing to the reproductive system in all males of all species.  A speech I heard at a scientific meeting several years ago, I will never forget.  The scientist was studying the frogs and turtles in the everglades where all the farmland from the East coast drains.  He reported non-gender specific wild life, absence of reproductive organs in frogs and a general distortion of the biology we studied in class many years ago.  There is more to the story, but it suffices to say that the environment can affect the animals, the birds and the cells of all species.



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