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Premenstrual Syndrome




One way that many have learned to determine the onset of PMS each month is the craving for chocolate.  Progesterone is elevated during the luteal phase (the few days before menses) of the cycle and we now know that elevated levels of progesterone can trigger a chocolate appetite.  Also that chocolate can be a comfort food and soothe the emotions during that time of the month. 


There are many stories surrounding this time, one is that the body begins to prepare for the growing of a baby, it takes on fluid, in some women there are cravings with added appetite and weight gain and in those severely out of balance, intense mood swings and fits of anger and rage.  This is generally a sign that, for whatever reason, the body is severely out of balance. 


We can blame our partners, our spouses, our jobs, and the environment all with just cause.  But blaming never serves any valuable purpose.  What we want to know is, what is out of balance and how can we fix it so that next month we will not be so miserable. 


The saliva, 24-hour urine or blood test for hormonal levels is appropriate to examine levels on day 2 of the menses.  We believe this time to be the most stable.  One thing for sure, once you start measuring, always go back to that same day of the cycle to do the follow up so that comparisons will be more valuable. 


If the immune system is also compromised, this can be a time when it is easier to succumb to the sniffles, or the 24-hour flu.  The goal is to assess, then keep all functional parts in balance.









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