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As I was writing my doctoral proposal the phone rang, and it was my dad saying, "Mom fell off the porch and we are on our way to the hospital, could you meet us there?" That was easy.  I was in Lubbock, Texas at Texas Tech and they were 90 miles away in Matador, Texas.  One of our good friends drives the ambulance so I felt good about her arrival.  After the 5-hour surgery, the doctor came out to talk to the family in the waiting room.  He advised my sister and I to get a bone density test. 


That was 12 years ago and I was in my 40's.  When I went to the medical school where I was working in a lab, I was told that I was not eligible, come back when I was 60.  And the rest is history.


I went to LSU to pursue a Ph.D. in Human Nutrition and found Woman's Hospital with an Osteoporosis prevention program. From that experience and hoping to empower others, I now use the little ultrasound test all up and down the ski valley to inform people if their calcium is working.  I cannot treat, diagnose or prescribe because I am not an M.D. but can work along side your physician to give you nutritional information. 


My advice is, get a DEXA (Dual Electron X-ray Absorptometer) test of your spine and hip as a baseline.  This is the "state of the art" test typically done at a hospital.  If your doctor diagnoses osteopenia or osteoporosis get all the information you can as quickly as you can. 


It can take up to 10 years to really make an impact on turning the fracture risk numbers around.  I have never seen anyone who wants to fracture a hip and die of pneumonia in a nursing home.  And as we all know, too many elderly people follow that path.  


Nutrition, hormonal balance in a form that does not increase your risks of cancer, a good fitness program which includes weight bearing exercise are all part of what will make a difference.  Good luck.  Stay informed.








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