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This is now classified as a disease in America.  When we talk about imbalances, this may be the number one imbalance the body exhibits, for all to see.  It is much more than just will power.  My husband is the same weight as when he graduated from high school and drives me up the wall when he says, "Jan, it is easy, just stop eating!" Easy for him to say!!!  There are all kinds of valid reasons that we are an obese nation from unsafe streets where people do not feel safe to exercise or let their children play, to high dollar ads on television that create such a mental craving that few and far between can resist.  I remember the days when someone thought that certain drinks or foods contained an ingredient that made us want more.  I never heard the final story, but the money hungry food industry might have tried it until they got caught.  Who knows?  Whatever the reason, we are a nation in which a figure nearing 60% of the population is considered obese and type II diabetes is expected to be diagnosed in an even larger segment of the population in the near future.  With varying causes, unique environments and body chemistries, behavioral parameters (like eating when what we really want is, love) and all the components that can combine to cause a double whammy, getting as much information as possible and addressing as many areas of your life as possible seems a good idea.  Like most diseases, there is likely more than one cause that the system ceases to function as it was intended.  There are now available lots of new nutritional information.  The Pennington Biomedical Research Center at Louisiana State University is a top research center and where I studied.  New research is being released each year.








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