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This is the buzzword at every cocktail party, breakfast table and chitchat center around.  Many of my clients know more nutrition than their physicians, and are upset when the vitamin bottle says, "If you have questions, call your physician."  You can try but the medically trained are up to their eyeballs in all the diseases they were trained in medical school to cure.  Very few had even one nutrition class.  One of my friends said, "Of course I had nutrition in medical school, but I missed class that day!"


Find a good credentialed Registered Dietitian.  I worry about the information of the clerks in health food stores who were selling used cars the week before.  Some are very informed and wonderful, but be discerning.  Multilevel marketing folks who have just returned from a convention with all the hype and no solid credentials like to give advice as they sell to their down-line.


If you want nutrition information, go to someone who studied nutrition and holds an advanced degree from an accredited university and holds a current license to give dietary advice.








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