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This can be a powerful time in your life.  Our grandmothers went through it without a word.  And now it is a marketing ploy and perhaps rightly so.  The environment is not the same as when our grandmothers ate and breathed.  So our bodies may have environmental xenobiotics (poisons) that were not created when they were our age.  I guess we will never have those answers.  At any rate, we have many choices, vitamins, minerals, bioidentical hormones, food sources of hormone rich foods, pharmaceutical agents, and a variety of choices, depending on our condition.  Serving on the Osteoporosis Advisory Board in Texas and attending national and international meetings exposed me to abundant information on global protocols.  I tend to respect the ethnic choices, and honor each female's wisdom as I strive to empower them with new information about their own body chemistry during the menopausal time in life.  And I always recommend my dear friend, Chris Northrup's book, "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom," and all her tapes and books on menopause.  Her newsletter can be obtained through  If you do not have someone near you to help measure hormones as you seek dietary methods of going through this empowering time in your life, call and I will try to help you connect with someone in your area.








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