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Why would your body not absorb what you are putting into it?  I see people with amino acid deficiencies who are on a very high protein diet.  I see people with osteoporosis who drink gallons of milk and take their calcium.  I see people with high cholesterol who eat a low fat diet.  So clearly the little villi in the digestive tract are picky and do what they please without asking us.  Recent data is reporting that a digestive system that is too acidic creates a malabsorptive environment so that foods do not respond in the same way they would if the balance were right.  So how do you find out if your body is acidic?  Go to the drug store and get the litmus paper you used in high school chemistry class and test your saliva before you eat or drink anything in the mornings, or test your urine.  We know that accuracy is more reliable when you do so 4 hours before or after food consumption.  There are also comprehensive stool analysis kits that you can collect in the privacy of your home and mail to the lab yourself.  That could give you the information you are looking for.  New information is available.



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