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If you call me with a new diagnosis seeking information, I can only refer you to physicians that work with nutritional protocols, often the top people in the field.  I have no secret formula for a cure and do not feel comfortable trying to work with you until the physicians are finished with their work. 


I was actually inspired to work in this field of assessments when my oldest son's best friend, age 30, was diagnosed in with Lymphoma, in July and the funeral was in October.  We made many 4-H club trips with them and he was working as a Registered Pharmacist in our hometown.  Since we have always lived in rural areas that we thought were pristine with clean air and water, I wonder about all the other factors of causation, preservatives and chemical pesticides in our food supply.  We know are able to detect toxins in the air, unknown monsters I call them that steal away beautiful cells in amazingly wonderful people in the night, while we sleep.  I am angry that this invasion of the clean air can happen in a country where we can put a man on the moon but do not have a cure for cancer. 


All I can say is, keep your immune system strong, honor your body, eat organic foods, and stay as close to nature as possible.  We do not have answers to address this condition or others like it.



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