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Lung Cancer 



The best plan is don’t get it. We hear all about how to stay away from toxic substances that could cause lung cancer. A dear friend of mine has lung cancer and her days are numbered. She only learned about it 4 months ago. As you could guess, all of her friends who live nearby are asking, "Why?" If she has lung cancer and we have lived in the same town for 40 years, we could have it too? One thing that really concerns me is that there could be toxins that we are breathing that we have no decision about (they do not have to be reported), such as environmental pollutants that are not regulated. Some we even use to an advantage, like chemicals that thaw ice on roads and sidewalks, cleaning solutions we use to keep our houses clean, the glue that holds particleboard together used in construction. In most cases we are happily living our lives unaware of the poisons in our environment. And there may not be a consistent pattern of impact on each and every person. Something that gives you an extreme headache ( which could be the body saying---get out of here!) may not affect your neighbor or dinner partner at all. My soapbox has been and always be, “listen to your body.) I seriously doubt that we will ever ban all the products that could be toxic to everyone. Therefore, the best plan is to assess your own levels of toxins, get informed and develop a plan. New laboratory testing has the ability to measure some of toxic substances in your body, not all. I wish we did. Science is moving as fast as research dollars will allow. When several members of a family or several schoolteachers who have taught in the same room and have the same diagnosis, it is cause for wonder and investigation. Generally, you end up being the investigator. I hear these stories all the time.




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