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Joint Pain



I always want to know what is causing the pain and what you are currently doing to address your condition.  If you are an athlete like my friend I met at the bus stop that said, 

"I have been to my doctor and he says I only have so many tennis serves left in this shoulder," then we have some decisions to make, so I would want you to give me a call. 


A new liquid form of Glucosamine-Chondroitin is working well.  In interfacing with my friends who are orthopedic surgeons, this seems to be the nutritional approach that is helping many people.  Allergy testing could help.  If you are consuming or breathing something that is toxic, it can cause joint inflammation. 


C-Reactive Protein is a marker of inflammation.  So, more information about why the pain is there is good to know.  Your doctor is a major player and I love working along side those smart and skilled physicians.  We see lots of "joint pain" people in the ski valley.  We like to help, so that they can keep having fun.


Just taking painkillers is not a good idea.  Well, over 100,000 hospitalizations per year are attributed to upper gastrointestinal adverse events associated with long-term painkiller use.  About 15 percent of those patients die as a result of their adverse reactions.  The belching, bloating, and gassiness may be a side effect of the pain medication.


I like to give you this information because a 1990's study estimated 16,500 deaths were directly linked to long-term painkillers use each year.   New recent studies show that it may be even worse.


If you know anyone who recently stopped using Vioxx or Celebrex and switched to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and use them on a regular basis, PLEASE MAKE THEM AWARE OF THIS INFORMATION.



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