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Hormone Therapies



Bioidentical is the newest word for what we once called natural.  When I gave a speech at the National Osteoporosis meeting a few years ago, during the question and answer time, a learned physician said,  "Premarin is natural, it comes from the molecule that was once the 'natural' urine of a pregnant mare."


  Well, some folks did additional research in recent years and from that research we have learned that in order to patent pregnant mare urine, one molecule had to be skewed or altered, which in most minds, causes it to lose the title of "natural."  It seems to make sense that our bodies can best accept and manage the hormones that it once produced; this is what is now called bioidentical. 


The natural word may or may not mean what you hope it will.  My best advice is to get a measurement of your hormonal levels and see if you really need hormones.  Your body may be doing a good job of providing what you need.  Or there could be some foods that could help bridge the gap during that certain time in the month or during the menopausal years of our lives. 


Getting baseline information before you decide is advised.  We now know that the Women's Health Initiative was canceled because the Premarin and Provera or Prempro may have caused a higher risk of cancer in some women.  The only way you will know is get assessments of known methods to inform you of your unique make-up.  There may never be a research study that will reflect all the details surrounding this decision.








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