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This is a tough one.  If we had these answers, we would be driving a Rolls like the doc in Arizona who does the laser surgery with 10 times less pain than the old methods.  Call if you want his name.


  Stress, or not caring for your body enough to eat a high fiber diet, finding the fresh fruits and vegetables, going to farmers markets on the week-ends to relax and get healthy food, sitting at a desk for too many hours, not getting enough exercise, constipation, harboring resentment in the gut, not releasing and forgiving, I could go on. 


The best plan is to prevent these if you have known that older members of the family have suffered from this condition.  Healthy in, healthy out.  I have observed that folks with dental problems on the front end of the food chain often have elimination and inflammation on the back end as well.  Prevent, prevent, prevent.









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