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Headaches can mean everything from too much alcohol to a brain tumor.  That is a wide scope. 


Once you have ruled those out, then an allergy test to see if foods could be causing headaches, hormonal imbalances, too much caffeine, high blood pressure, or other factors need to be revealed and resolved. 


We know that most painkillers have side effects and that killing the pain is not really discovering the basic cause.  Our job is to eliminate all dietary and food related causes that could cause a problem.  The hard stuff I leave for your physician.


I like those folks.  They are so gifted.  They were usually the "number one" academic person in our classes, tortured through medical school and deserve whatever house they live in and whatever car they drive.  They work hard for all of us.  Be nice to them.  They are so stressed with the current medical system that some of them have headaches too!



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