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When I was in undergraduate classes this was not in the textbooks, now it is.  This is another condition that indicates your body is trying to tell you that it is either exhausted and not getting the proper nutrients, the fight or flight mechanisms are worn out and over-taxed or that you need to pull away from your stressful life, get some labs tests run, and take care of yourself. 


This is a condition of women who are trying to work 2 jobs, have small children, very little to no help at home, and are "burning the candle at both ends." Getting an individualized assessment of your nutritional profile to see if you are absorbing all the dietary supplements and foods is a good start.  A personal history will give me more information on how I can best help.  We can do that on the phone. 


No, it is not all in your head.  Don't let anyone tell you that.  You should be rested after a good nights sleep and if not, let's talk.








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