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Honor your body, it is your temple and you need to be sure you are getting enough rest, fresh air, exercise, time alone and a good internal "knowing" that all is well.  Once you get those done, which you don't need me to help you with, (or if you do it is ok), then we can look at things that lead to a condition called chronic fatigue.


It may mean that you have eaten so many donuts and coffee and burned the candle at both ends that your adrenal glands are saying "forget it, I am not going to get you out of any more crises, this is it!!" 


If you are hearing your body talk to you in that language, maybe it is time to measure the activity of the adrenals and look at what you are putting into your body for your fuel supply.  You buy good gas to run your car, right?  Then maybe you need to buy a better grade of fuel for your body so it will run better when it is climbing a mountain, a stress mountain.








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