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Failure to Thrive



I see this mostly in tiny babies, elderly and in some cancer patients.  Unfortunately, my phone usually rings after all the medical treatments have been tried and failed.  I would love to be involved from "square one."  If you are a mom and your baby is not thriving, don't let your breast milk dry up.  Let the baby suck and your milk supply will stay constant.  Do not get too tired, eat right, rest, let the house go dirty, and quit anything that does not support the logic of a healthy baby and mom.  Do not fall into the trap of your milk not being healthy for the baby.  It is what God made and He does not make mistakes.  Just holding your baby close so that it can hear the beat of your heart like the 9 months before is a healing experience for your little one.  Lab tests can be run to see if all the nutrients are being absorbed by both of you.  The studies are conclusive that being touched and held create an environment of health.


In cancer patients, getting an assessment of anti-oxidants and all nutrients vital for your healing, in whatever other modality is in place, is important.  If you are involved in chemotherapy, radiation or recovering from surgery (or preparing for surgery) a good balanced nutritional program is logical and right.  If you are worried that you may be out of balance, the lab tests can be run and you can get your own basic bodily nutritional needs in harmony no matter what else is going on. 


There are those folks that want to use nutritional therapy exclusively. I am a licensed registered dietitian and therefore want to work alongside your physicians as we have always done in (or out) of hospitals.  The physicians lab orders are very different from those I am trained to address and assess. 


That is about all I can say, but a phone conversation could be helpful if you have questions, 970-925-5588.








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