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Enteral Feeding Support


I have always been troubled by the "sugar water," or glucose that was the standard for IV's in the hospital when I first started my dietetics career. 


When the body is under extreme stress of surgery, a disease, or is in the hospital for whatever reason and fighting the potential of a secondary infection, it needs all the help it can get.  And the evidence is conclusive that cancer cells feed on sugar.  So the contents of what goes into tube feedings, intravenous feedings, and all food intake surrounding a extreme disease state is very important. 


The "canned" nutrition products may be easy, but are not always the best if they conflict with what the body needs.  If your doctor is not working with a credentialed dietitian to formulate these feedings, please insist that an expert be called in. 


And as we do more "same day" surgery and outpatient care often the hospital dietitian is not available when needed.  There are resources for your access if you are caring for someone at home. 


Call the hospital and get involved with a patient education coordinator.  Or find a dietitian in private practice.  The recovery process is much faster when basic nutritional support is optimal.








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