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Edema in the ankles is uncomfortable. Edema around the heart can be fatal.  So once any form of edema shows up, get busy to find out why.  It can be a side effect of a medication, so call your doctor. 


It generally does not mean that you are getting fat.  The increased water or fluid in the body is not fat.   Remember that 70% of the body is water and when you retain fluids, it can show up on the scales.   Generally your physician or the nurse has a Plan A, Plan B, and a Plan C.  They don't know to move to the next plan unless you call in.  They are there to help. 


I can help you with a diet that is balanced in potassium if you are told to take a water pill.  If you begin to release the fluid in your body, you not only get rid of the extra water, you also are releasing valuable minerals that you need for proper regulation of such things as heart rate and the little pumps in all your cells. 


There is not just one piece of the puzzle.  Generally when we address one condition it can impact all others.  So get the big picture.








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