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Dry Skin



This can be anything from wrinkles to dry heels, vaginal dryness, burning eyes that prevent wearing contact lenses, and general itchiness and discomfort throughout the body. 


Good bath oils, lotions, and someone to put them on your back on places you can't reach, is helpful.  However, there is also an internal balance and harmony that can be checked and supplemented. 


Hormonal imbalances as we age can initiate dryness in all parts of the body. Dietary foods rich in hormones, DHEA, and vitamins like A, D, E, C and K are all important for the skin.  When the body is in balance nutritionally, everything seems to feel right, inside and out.  When I see someone with cracking heels and a tough skin buildup on heels and elbows, the thyroid test is also recommended.



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