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This is painful.  I recall my mother-in-law, who loved and lived for 50 years with an alcoholic husband (my husbands father, whom I adored).  There were times she would double over in pain and go to bed until the immune system could recover and overcome the inflammation.  There was always the debate between high fiber and low fiber diets, but when the little pockets in her GI tract became infected, she was in such agony that nothing helped. 


We have learned that this is not purely a dietary condition.  The stress of life that some folks carry in the lower gut can impact the cells and the tissue and cause this disease.  So a healthy diet cannot be expected to give the immune system all that it needs to aid in healing. 


A life of prayer, faith, a time for silence, exercise, and joy can be very good therapy.  I would recommend a good assessment of nutritional intake to see if the good guys are getting what they need to make more bullets. 


With the proper defenses, they can combat the bad guys every day in the functioning in optimal performance in your wonderful body.  Get informed and listen to your body.








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