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Digestive Disorders

The bloating, belching, passing gas, and general crampiness are a loud message that you have something that needs to be checked out.  Your doc could do tests for an ulcer, or other scary things but it may just be that the enzymes, which help digest your food, are off, or that your pH is either too acid or too basic.  One of the cheapest things to do is go to the drug store and get some old fashioned litmus paper and keep a record of the numbers (taken each morning) and call me so that we can talk. 


Your Aunt Susie used to say, "Oh, honey, I can't drink orange juice, I have an acid stomach." Well, she may have been right.  And we now know that cancer likes to grow in an acid environment.  So what causes it? 


A stool test can give lots of new information about all kinds of bugs and chemicals that could be causing your digestion to be "out of whack." Then we can operate from an informed set of values as we strive to get you back in balance. 


You not only are what you eat, you are more importantly what you digest.




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