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Dietary Needs


I hear it all the time.  "I am doing everything I know to do, everything in the latest book, everything I hear on TV, everything my mother says, everything my best friend says, and I still don't feel right.  This is too much, it is too confusing!!!!!"


  Yes, I agree and there are reasons why this is the case.  There is no "cookie cutter" approach.  You are unique and different from everyone else on the planet.  If you go by the label on the vitamin bottle or listen to someone tell you "just eat right" you still may not have all the information you need. 


Start with this:  The early Daily Dietary Requirements were based on starvation rations for soldiers many (like 80) years ago, or so!!!!  So they don't really provide you the baseline data you need for the stress filled lives of today's world, with its beautiful but depleted nutrient levels in the food chain.


In earlier years, the food supply was grown on soil that had the basics needed for consumption.  It had not been "used up" by years of planting on the same plot of ground.  We now know that not only are foods  depleted of nutrients, the ones that are originally contained in the foods can "leach out" while sitting on the shelf for months (or more). 


There are additives that make foods look pretty, that may not be good for us.  And with food intake, if we are missing some vital nutrient, it's absence can block the absorption of others.  It is just too much.  Almost everyone is confused.  So they go buy a good vitamin pill to provide insurance.  And then, they don't know if it is being absorbed. 


The best way to get informed about your most valuable possession - YOU - is to get a 100,000 mile check up.  You get it for your car, and it can be replaced.  So what is wrong with checking your own warranty?


Ideally, it is best to get an assessment on a day when you are eating the way you typically do, exercising about the same and generally, living your normal kind and routine. That way, on a 24-hour basis, you will get a picture of what your body is doing.



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