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This is a loud message.  There is no question that the body is trying to get your attention.  So what is it trying to say?  Maybe, "Don't ask me to deal with so much preservative, junk food, or foreign substances."


  In some cases the best detectors in the GI tract, can't it figure out.  The food supply has become so manipulated that the body cannot deal with all the variations.  When that happens the body says, "Hey, this is weird, I never saw this before, let's kick it out"  And that means that you stay home from work near the place that you need to be.


Another factor may be food allergies.  We now know that something you ate on Monday, may not react until Wed. or Thurs.  and by then, you forgot what you ate.  So you say, "No I couldn't have eaten anything I am allergic to. I am not sneezing, no hives, no watery eyes, etc."  But, the body remembers and stores and tries to tell you, as soon as it can, that you need to get a better grip on how you are supplying it with energy.  It wants good stuff. 


Strengthening the immune response along with an elimination diet can be a win-win situation to have the best of both worlds.  Feeling food is very basic to a happy life.




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