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Watch the news for a new term, called Syndrome X.  Something causes the faucet that produces insulin to wear out and malfunction. 


If too much insulin leaks into the mainstream of your digestive stream, it calls for more bagels, chocolate, noodles, bread and other carbohydrates that in turn require more insulin to assimilate. So the faucet is called upon to work harder and gets over used. 


We do not know yet how to replace the worn out washers in the faucets in the tummy area.  So it is best to not ask the insulin pump to work overtime.  Respect your body and it will serve you in a more harmonious way. 


I will never forget the day that the Texas Diabetes Council went to San Antonio to the Dialysis Center.  And the first person I saw being dialyzed there was an obese woman eating corn chips and drinking a regular soda.  We have so far to go with this disease and we better hurry, it is the fastest growing disease condition in America. 


Diabetes affects all ages, genders and ethnic groups.  I especially mourn for the Native Americans who were taken from their natural habitat and given highly refined foods on the reservations.  As we allow them to go back to the high fiber foods such as winter squash, corn and dried meat, the abnormal metabolic conditions seem to subside.  Are we really as wise as we think we are?


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