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This one is huge and we do not have all the answers.  We know that in women hormonal dominance of progesterone during the week (or so) prior to menses can create personality changes and mood swings.  Therefore, it makes good sense to look at the 24-hour urine collection of hormones and get insights into that side of life.  Food allergies and certain addictions can be driven by a dominance of a particular hormone.  And God only knows what hormonal manipulations are occurring in the food chain. 


Most likely, anything that the food company finds can fatten their coffers.  When I read of all the dyes, additives, and utter manipulation of foods as reported by the Society of Food Technologists, I dropped my membership, although after graduation the salaries for those jobs look appealing. 


Another observation is that wearing 100% natural fibers is impacting some states of depression and that synthetics can trigger an increase in hyperactivity in children, ADD and depression.  Just try it for yourself, see if you have less headaches and mood swings when you wear natural fibers, eat a clean organic diet and exercise in the clean air.  It won't cost you a penny.


Well, the food might, but it is worth it.  And it probably costs less than the anti-depression medications. 


Plant a garden in the spring, grow your own organic vegetables and get the exercise pulling weeds.  Ok, I admit, I am sounding very extreme to some of you so I will hush. 


Getting nutritionally in balance is a major factor in preventing or decreasing this condition.  Have you ever noticed getting depressed after you eat junk food?



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