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Congestive Heart Failure



What makes the heart fail to function as it was designed? Why would such an amazing piece of equipment malfunction?


Like most machines, it can get rusty, the washers can wear out, the hoses can get clogged with debris, the elasticity can get weak and the message system gets "balled up".


When my dad bailed hay, all would go smoothly until the binder twine would get in a tangle and it would get "balled up". Forgive me if that is not a phrase you city folks use. It just means that you have to take care of your equipment if you want it to keep running.


The heart needs your care if you want it to keep running. If you clog it with too much fat, you canít expect the arteries to carry the same volume as they did earlier. If the blood pressure bumps against the wall and bruises it, it will build a protective layer like skinning your knee. After a while a gristle tissue builds up. That is a natural protective mechanism that the body does. It doesnít mean that since you canít see it, it is not happening.


If you could know the things going on inside of you it would be like George Burns said, "If I had known I would have lived this long, I would have taken better care of myself". The cardiovascular profile can give you some clues on how to do that.


Working in an "Aftercare Program" to be sure that your lab work reflects healthy food assimilation is a good idea.





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