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Cancer Aftercare



This is truly my passion. After the team of physicians have finished all their work: chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, and sent you home, then what?


They may say we have done all we can do, come back in a year. When this scene is part of the picture in your family or with a dear friend, of course you want to do something to get their strength back, grow their hair back, help them get back to normal body weight, and generally increase their quality of life. And your love and caring spirit is good medicine.


Also, an assessment of the impact of the modalities to "kill the bad guys" can be made. They did their job, killed the bad guy cells and yet may have also killed some of the good guys in the process.


One of my colleagues says "It is liked using weed killer in the garden. It kills the weeds but in the process can also kill some of your favorite flowers".


The assessment of certain markers will allow you to see how you can "get on your feet" again and rebuild the immune response to do its job in preventing the cancer from coming back at a later date or in another part of the body.


Your body is designed to heal itself. If a cancer patient cuts a finger, it heals, so we know the good guys are still there. They just need more bullets.





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