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This is emerging as the scariest monster on the planet. And some predict that it will soon surpass heart disease as the number one killer in our country. The bad part is, we don’t know what causes it, and we do not have a cure. With heart disease, at least we have a game plan. With cancer, there are so many different kinds, in so many different locations, with so many different recommendations, and so many different approaches, confusion is the name of the game.


At this point, about all that can be done beyond the wonderful care being offered by the cancer centers is to look at the state of your own immune system, and make adjustments if needed, so that it can be as strong as it can be. This is typically done after recovering from the initial medical modalities.


To do this, an assessment of preventive nutritional markers will be examined. Anything that is "off" either too high or too low, based on the standards at the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control in Atlanta, Georgia, would provide you new information and perhaps a missing piece of the puzzle as you strive to slay this hungry monster.


Information on centers, networking, and research data is something that you can get contacting Nutritional Biomedicine. The educational part of this work is the most fun as families become more informed.




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