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Breast Cancer



This is the second leading cause of death in women and involves a part of the body that represents nurturing, nutrition and love.


So what do we do if we get called back for another mammogram or have a family history of breast cancer? Or what if your three sisters and your mom have breast cancer and you are the only one in the family who currently is not diagnosed with Breast Cancer?


We are learning new facts based on individual profiles. It is no surprise; we are not all the same. The tumors are not the same. The causes are not the same. When dissected, some lumps are shown to contain DDT, which has a half life (it can stay in your body) for 56.5 years. That means riding our bikes behind the mosquito spray wagon when we were kids could put us in jeopardy now, 50 years later.


Then there is the question, is the tumor estrogen dependent? Does it feed on foods that contain estrogen, like soy products? Phyto-estrogens, soy, and red wine are part of the picture in breast health and risks. You need to know more about your body and your tumor before you start self-medicating. You could be doing more harm than good.


What if your doctor continues (or you chose) Premarin and Provera, or Prempro? The recently canceled Women’s Health Initiative of 22,000 women was canceled because of the increased risk of breast cancer in some of the women on those drugs.





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