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Bone Density



If you do not know your t-score, get it.


T-score compares your bone mineral density measurement to the average peak bone mass of healthy young people of age 30-35 when bone mass is supposed to be at the highest level. It is given in standard deviations from the norm. Rebuilding bone is not easy. The best plan is not let it get too low. I do not believe that this knowledge of the assessment results should be restricted to the elderly. This disease is calcium absorption and more.


When I was in my 40s, mother fractured. I was told to get a DEXA, Dual Electron X-ray Absorptometer. I went to Texas Tech Medical School and was told that I was not eligible, come back when I turned 60!!!!!


If you knew me, you would know that it was like a green light to go find a place that would assess my bone density!!! It ended up being part of my research as Louisiana State University.


Women’s Hospital in Baton Rouge, La. Has a great Osteoporosis and Breast Cancer Center. That is where I got the reading, and found that I had the bones of a 70 year old in my 40s!!!!!


That experience impacted my nutrition work which now surrounds calcium intake assessments and giving people new information. Get your t-score of the spine and hip. Find a DEXA, which is considered the gold standard for the test. It is the big machine at the hospital which requires leaded walls.


The test costs somewhere around $200.00. There are also portable units that can give you a bone density score of the heel (around $35.00 and is FDA and Medicare approved). Also, measurements can be taken of the wrist and the finger (but these are not reliable) to show what could happening throughout the body.


Again, the DEXA is the gold standard. It measures the vertebrae and the hip, which is the location that is more likely to fracture. Yes, I am aware that it is x-ray, and if you are trying to avoid more x-ray, at least get the ultra-sound heel test. It is the next most reliable, after the DEXA.


No one wants to break a hip and end up in a nursing home. Prevention of this disease is a very good idea. The first step is to get your t-score. Call your doctor and get an appointment or go to a health fair. Just know what it is!!!!!




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