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Bio-Identical Hormones



These are the hormones that are in the news these days. The best way to describe them is to say they are closest to the ones your body produced when you were younger, thus, bio-identical. They are also shown to be the safest and the ones your body recognizes as it makes decisions on whether to develop defenses against unknown substances we chose to put inside us.


When that happens, and the body does not recognize the molecule, the increase of cancer risk factors in affected. Bio-identical hormones are generally compounded by a Registered Pharmacist and require a prescription from a physician.


I have seen so many women who are now trying to manage this side of their healthcare through dietary supplements and consumption of foods. Foods that are known to be higher in estrogen or progesterone can be discussed based on the results of your nutritional lab work. We now know Soy may not be good for women with fibroids or estrogen dependent tumors. Lab reports that show your own endogenous production (what your body is already producing) are imperative.


If you start taking something that you are making enough of, you could then artificially achieve excessively high levels that would not be good for you. You need to be aware of your scores before you start taking any hormone. The lab tests to measure what your levels actually are very valuable.


Shooting in the dark with hormones is not a good idea. We all wish that the PEPI Study had contained data on bio-identical hormones, not just Premarin and Provera. But until the studies are done and the data is in the medical books, learn of your levels, and get information based on your individual needs, not on the advice of your buddy down the street. Her hormones are likely very different from yours.


God made you a unique very special person. I honor your individuality.




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