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Auto-Immune Balance



Your body is designed to heal itself.


Environmental, hereditary factors, and lifestyle choices have combined to create new diseases and conditions that heretofore were not known. The function of the immune response is to protect you against all threats.


Your body’s response to these new diseases and even future potential bio-terrorism attacks is dictated by the strength of your own immune system and its ability to resist the invaders, whatever they may be.


For example, when 50 people are in a room and all are exposed to the 24-hour flu. 25 get it, 25 do not. What makes the difference? Some may have a lowered immune response.


Through an awareness of your individual status of the immune strength you are empowered to make more informed healthcare choices. Or, in other words, give the good guys more bullets. This is a paramount importance.


Your body needs all the ammunition possible to fight the battles it encounters. To get an assessment of your own individual status and begin to build to be as strong as you can be is a very wise choice.




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