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This is still the number one killer in both men and women.


We once called it hardening of the arteries. And yes, like an old garden hose, as we get older, everything gets more brittle. So what causes it and how can we slow it down?


Some have called it a bruising of the walls of the blood vessels where a place gets hit time after time with a wham. So the body takes care of us and builds a buffer or protector (Remember skinning your knee when you were learning to roller skate? Before long a heavier layer of tissue was formed)


So we can use the word STRESS and that can mean many kinds of stress, from physical, to psychological.


Do what your physician says and also learn of all the other parts of the puzzle that contribute to the cause and decrease those.


I will help you look at such markers as blood lipids, Lipoprotein Ratios, Homocysteine, C-reactive Protein, Fibrinogen, and Red Blood Cell Magnesium and B12. It makes sense to know all your numbers. Take good care of your ticker and it will take care of you.




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