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With all the pollution, toxins, allergies, and who knows what, it is no surprise that the lungs feel challenged.


I wonder if part of this is the body saying, "How much longer will you ask me to breathe this nasty air? I need to talk to you and I need you to listen"!!!


The body has a way of communicating with us that gets our attention, one way or another. Your physician must be very involved in this condition, but giving your body a rest by decreasing anything that is considered wrong for you would be a good idea until all the answers are known.


It could be like a rain barrel that over flows (asthma attack). It may not just be one thing. It could be preservatives in foods, dyes, allergies, heredity, environmental toxins, stress or a change in the weather. All of those things could play a role in the onset of the asthma attack.


To decrease just one or two based on the results of the testing could make a difference.



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