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This runs in my family so we have done it all.


This condition could be the reason I decided to study nutrition. I hated the tonic I had to take as a child. And it never seemed to help. The liver pills, the injections (which gave me flu like symptoms) were all we knew to do then.


Now we look at causes; heredity, heavy menstrual flow, side effects from medications, diets low in protein, B12, zinc, heme iron (which is the best absorbed from what we eat). Yes, heme iron is in beef. I am a dietitian who believes it is ok to eat organically grown red meat.Growing up on a ranch we had beefsteak for breakfast. We were poor and didn’t have money to buy bacon and ham.


Some nutritional lab work, dietary intake records, a list of vitamins, distressing and many lifestyle choices go into my care for you. Call and we can talk. First we want to know, why you are anemic.




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