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We do not know the cause or the cure for this disease.


The jury is still out on whether heavy metals, aluminum in particular, play a role. This has been debated for more than 40 years. But there is enough evidence regarding the impact of heavy metals of all kinds and how they can serve as toxins. These can block or deter the electrical system where your impulses or messages get transmitted.


Therefore, to get the potential toxins or heavy metals measured early, before you begin losing your car keys, can be a good idea. The testing is simple and could be a piece of the puzzle that contributes to things like forgetting where your car is parked.


Once Alzheimer’s is diagnosed, it is very late to prevent. By then, you want to get out the big hammers. And at that point, the receptor sites on the cells may be blocked with cement!!!! If we are projected to live up to 100 years or so in the future, really living, happily and independently is a huge goal. No promises-----just information.


Former First Lady Nancy Reagan has a good book out on her experiences as a caregiver. I will be glad to help you with the nutritional side of this potential condition.




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