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Alternative Medicine



Alternative Medicine doesn’t mean some kooky jungle concoction. It just means, as a friend of mine who serves on the National Board for American’s for Health Freedom said, "you have some alternative choices that you might want to know more about"


In fact, congress set up the White House Commission for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), and knows that somewhere around 75% of Americans are choosing some form of Alternative Medicine.


Part of the testing program that Nutritional Biomedicine offers to individuals can also be used for research. You must sign a "human consent form" and jump through some hoops to be part of this.


Basically, Alternative Medicine is just using a team approach where all your healthcare practitioners are on the same page, looking at your reports and giving you the best information as you make decisions. We all know that the buck stops with you. We can all write up fancy reports, recommending amazing programs, and yet, the implementation of it all, is put into practice by you.


Our goal is to give you new nutritional information that your physician could not provide (most doctors will admit that they had no nutrition in medical school) and then empower you to make more informed healthcare decisions. The buck stops with you. And it should.




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