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About Oxidative Stress



Dear wellness client,


Now that you have decided to become actively involved in the Oxidative Stress Profile, let me give you some details of the procedure to help this to be a positive experience for you. You will be learning of early biomarkers for the reversal of the progression of cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, strokes, and auto-immune response to diseases for which there is no known treatment.


This test is so sophisticated that there are only three labs in the world of this detail and sophistication: Phoenix, Japan, and Baltimore. A new lab in Arizona is now open.


This testing was developed by Dr. Richard Cutler who won the International Infinity Award in the American Academy for Anti-aging Medicine. He developed the protocols at the National Institute of Health for the NASA program for use at the Johnson Space Center. Therefore you will have the same type of testing that could have been done on John Glenn before he went back up into space and the one conducted for many years on the astronauts as stress (in a state of wellness) was measured.


Now let’s talk about details: You will need to locate a lab near you or one in a vacation spot where there is a Lab Corp, Smith-Kline, Quest or a local lab that has the ability to freeze to a minus 40 degrees and ship on dry ice. You can call our office with your choice or we can call to arrange the lab most convenient to your location.


You will take in a 12 hour urine collection and have a blood draw after a 12 hour fast (8 p.m. to 8 a.m. – no food, water is o.k.) The address of the lab nearest you is ______________________________ and the phone number is ____________________________. You should call in advance and ask if you need to schedule an appointment. If not, you may have to wait in line on a busy morning.





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