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About Cancer Nutrition



Who is measuring the effects of dietary supplements. Herbs and soy? You have gone through all the protocols to remove the cancer from your breast and body. The physician has diagnosed, treated and prescribed, then your are sent home. Who is helping your decide what should be done to lower the risks of the cancer from coming back in another part of the body? Who is helping your determine how you can rebuild the immune response so that your own immune system can help fight back? What tests are ordered to help you determine the current status of hormone markers and nutritional supplements and how can you know which ones could be right for your? The good news is that Dr. Jan Hamilton, Ph.D., R.D., L.D. is trained in the assessment of these levels based on testing developed at the National Institute of Health and the National Institute of Aging by the scientists who developed the assessments for the astronauts. Stress comes in many forms. Correcting imbalances can also come in many ways based on timing and levels of chemo, radiation, chemo and surgery when all the methods of treating the disease by your physician is complete. This new program can help assess current levels and where you need to be providing optimal immune response for the future. With this information you are empowered to make decisions to develop individualized programs to get into the zone of optimal rebuilding of the cellular immune response. The goal: provide the immunological environment in the body to prevent the likelihood of the cancer returning in another part of the body. According to recent research the typical approach to address bone loss in osteoporosis may increase cancer risks. It makes sense to know where you stand and be proactive in secondary prevention and after care. Dr. Hamilton works with a medical team to determine appropriate nutritional levels to rebuild a strong immune response. With that information you can make decisions based on the latest global research. You can help your body fight back and prevent. It is the most logical approach to after care. If you are like most people over 50 you are being bombarded by all kinds of promotional materials through the mail to improve quality of life, cure diseases, lose weight and buy the magic bullet that will ensure a quality of life until you drop. This is causing a great deal of confusion in the over 50 population. Wee go to the local drug store, health food store, grocery store, discount house and stand in the isles bewildered by the vast selections to chose from. In many cases our expert that advises us is a clerk who may have worked at another job the week before and has little training. Ideally we would have a credentialed healthcare professional or a FDA trained official there to assist. In todayís world that is not happening. So what do we do???? We go to the class reunion and take the same vitamins of the person who won the prize for the youngest person. We visit relatives at a family funeral and realize the diseases the family is predisposed to and work on those? Or we just buy one of everything and hope we get something that will make us bullet proof and that we will live forever in an optimal quality of life. Just one visit to the nursing home to visit a friend or relative confirms the fact that we donít want to go there if we can help it. Confusion is the name of the game. Then you thing, the healthcare professionals on the television are surely trained. They will help. So on Monday you tune in and there is great information on how everyone should either start this or so that. The next day Ė another healthcare professional reports that the facts related the week before are totally unfounded and that a new study reveals that we should not take those things. It is crazy Ė how do we sort it all out? Then we go to the Internet Ė that is like a tidal wave of information. You could drown if your donít have a life jacket. One web page recently made sense of this whole dilemma. Get your levels measured and know where you stand. Who cares about everyone else? The clock is ticking and you want to stay out of the nursing home. Your kids are already threatening, "Donít worry mom and dad, if your get cranky we will just put you in the nursing home." You forge phone numbers, begin to lose your car keys and canít remember where you parked the car. So where do we go from here? Probably in another 20 or 30 years we will have many of the answers. You calculate the age you will be at that point and decide that you donít want to wait. So where do you go for information?? Your doctor admits that he was not trained in prevention and nutrition in medical school. Physicians are trained to address major full blown diseases. We need that Ė we are happy that they are thee when we have a crisis. But what do we do now to stay healthy?? The question now becomes, how do we avoid the crisis? Emerging now are credentialed board certified healthcare professional who can help you evaluate you wellness score sheet. You can now know risk factors 20 or 30 years before a full blown disease is diagnosed by your physician. This seems to make sense. Find these people and get an assessment of the things that you may already have the beginning markers to indicate. This had to be done on the astronauts before we sent them up on space. Millions of your tax payer dollars went into the development of this testing. Many people donít realize that it exists. Most doctors donít know about testing for these wellness markers. The new field of prevention of the debilitating diseases of aging is one of the ways to live a quality of life as we age. If a tendency toward degenerative disease can be assessed before it is diagnosed and ultimately prevented from becoming a full blown major disease or delaying the onset for a few years is money in the bank for all Ė the insurance companies, the HMOís the doctors and all those concerned with lowering healthcare dollars and improving the quality of life. We no longer have to live a sad, dependent, demeaning life in later years. There are choices we can make to stay as healthy as possible. To maintain a high quality of life for as long as we live, is the goal we are striving for. To maintain a quality of life. The silver years can be golden years if we plan ahead. George Burnsí goal was to "die young, as late as possible." He did a pretty good job. So can we.



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