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About Bone Density



Dear Friend,


I am a new member of the healthcare team doing research in the valley on bone density and other markers of wellness and preventive nutrition. You may have seen some of the information from your patients who have attended lectures during the past four years since the initiation of these projects. Now I am opening a WEBSITE FOR NUTRITIONAL ASSESSMENTS and want to invite you and yours to visit our Internet store front in the weeks and months ahead.


I would like for you and I to become team players as this new field of care is demanded by patients. We are told that 70% of the population is taking some form of nutritional supplement.


The industry is currently $300 billion and is expected to double in the near future. It is my desire to help keep you informed of the new nutritional markers developed at the NIH and NIA for the astronauts. This is the strongest and most accurate measure of nutritional markers reflecting supplementation ingestion tat I have found. My seminars have been approved for CME credits. So, if you need someone to fill in at a future date, let me know.


I am enclosing my vitae and references from peer reviewed scientific literature for your review. I want to get to know you and the staff and be a member of the healthcare team.




Jan Hamilton, Ph.D.




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