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City Slicker Ranch


Texas Ranch Country is open for a real "City Slicker" experience.  Just let us know when you are ready.  The ranch is located in the Panhandle of Texas, and is the location of Jessie James' Cave, where he "hid out" for weeks.  There will be a cattle drive, campfire cookouts and a real close experience of our ranching heritage.  See where:


  • The Indians ground their corn.

  • The buffalo tracks where they roamed the plains.

  • The melodrama "Texas" in Palo Duro Canyon.

  • A rodeo called "Old Settlers" in August each year where the cowboys of the Matador Ranch (once larger than the King Ranch) convene for competition and dancing under the stars.

Just let us know your needs and desires:

  • Duration:  a weekend or a week?

  • Time of year:  Best month.

  • Activities that you prefer:  horses, camping, hiking, health and wellness.

  • Price Range:  $1000 - $5000.

  • Fly to Dallas then to Lubbock.


Contact Us

110 D SE, Apartment 505 Washington DC 20003

Post Office Box 8458
Aspen, Colorado  81612


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