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Jan Hamilton, Ph.D., R.D., L.D.



Nutritional Biomedicine is an alternative healthcare and research clinic specializing in wellness through proper nutrition. We offer testing to analyze your current state of health and individualized wellness programs to address your nutritional needs.


Actively involved in dietary patient counseling for twenty-five years, Jan Hamilton has a strong research background and currently practices preventive nutrition. Nutritional Biomedicine works in close collaboration with a laboratory in Phoenix, Arizona to provide individualized serum analysis of your nutritional profile for immune response to cancer, cardiovascular conditions, and other degenerative illnesses. These tests also reveal excess dietary supplement intake and profiles individual blood levels sot that Jan Hamilton can then advise patients on ideal levels of intake or individualized body chemistry work-up.


Jan Hamilton received her Ph.D. in Human Nutrition from Louisiana State University, where she worked at the Pennington biomedical Research center. Her dissertation, entitled "Effects of Hormones on Body Weight, Caloric Intake & Macronutrient Choices," paved the way for much of her current work. After completing a fellowship at Georgetown University, Jan founded the practice she owns and operates today. She stays abreast of the most current research related to her client's conditions, and works with a team of M.D.'s to provide clients with world-class referral and treatment networks.





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